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    Where to start your search


    Having a desire to play piano is one thing and learning how to play is another. If you are searching for the best online piano lessons then you probably have the desire to play the piano. While the desire is the most important thing, finding the correct tutor is also a major factor in determining your success. There are thousands of schools online offering piano lessons. The problem is that, if you are a beginner you can never know which one is the best. To find the best lesson providers, you will be needed to do a background check on any of the available options. From each of the options you will need to check for the following factors.

  • Piano Tutorials

    The learning materials provided by the piano lesson providers must be able to assist the learner. The best lesson providers will have structured teachings in combination with video tutorials. With access to the internet, you can easily access these videos and other practice tools. If an instructor does not provide such materials you should just move on to the next one. Visual materials as the videos help the learner and demonstrate how to play songs and most importantly learn the concept.


    Effective piano tutorials will give you practice tools so that you can continue with your learning process later. Such tools will include exercises which enhance both your left and right hand performance. If you get a poor instructor you might learn the wrong habits which are hard to change later. The best element of the whole process is being able to track down your progress.


    Good lesson providers will also track your performance. Through this they let you know where you went wrong in the previous lesson and whether or not you are improving. Some of the piano lesson providers are MIDI compatible so you can easily plug your keyboard to the computer through the USB port and play along. For better experience you can purchase a full-key MIDI controller. The controller costs around $100, but it is very handy in helping the learner keep track of their progress. Otherwise, you might want to purchase a keyboard of your own. However you won't have the same control over your progress as with the controller.

    General Options for Piano Lessons

    There are many online learning centers that can help you gain your skills. Some of the best online piano lesson providers include Piano with Willie & Jazz Piano Online. These two will give you an opportunity to purchase annual subscription. The other available options are Online Pianist & Play Piano Today both of which offer life time subscription to their services for a one time fee.


    In general most piano schools will charge you between $10 and $ 50 per month for lessons. This is much cheaper as compared to physically available tutors who will charge a sum between $50 and $100 per month or per day. Well, now that you know what you need to get started with your piano lessons it is also important to remember that online piano lessons require self discipline. Nobody will force you to attend classes nor will they be around to monitor how you do your exercise.

  • How to Find Piano Lessons Online

    Are you interested in learning to play the piano online? Well! Learning new thing is always exciting and when it’s piano nothing can be more enjoyable than this in life. But if you want to find out for piano lessons online, here are certain tips to find out the best piano lessons online.

    • Try to contact your school to see whether they have any well experienced and qualified piano teacher or not.
    • Living near a college or a university, is always an advantage. There are several colleges which offer professional piano classes but this can be expensive.
    • Search for a craigslist where you will find several ads regarding some experts in piano who are offering private classes. You can also put up a 'wanted ad' yourself in different online platforms.
    • Look out the phone book for teachers providing Classical piano lessons. Even there are any musicians who tune pianos in order to earn some spare cash.
    • Search for local retail shops online and contact them to ask whether they know any piano teacher or not.

    Once you get the piano instructor, the first thing that your teacher will give you is the beginner piano sheet. It is one of the basic things to learn as without play piano sheet music you can seriously not learn piano. It will make the piano playing easy.

  • Online Piano Lessons

    Long before the invention of internet, we relied upon the conventional methods such as word of mouth and print advertising to find products and services. While these are still reliable ways to collect information, the internet without a doubt is far better and faster mode to suit all your needs. No matter if you are a newbie or a professional, free online piano lessons are a great way to kick off your learning process. All these lessons are available online with a highly customized schedule for step by step learning.

    How To Find The Right Place

    With millions of websites offering free piano lessons, it is very hard to find the right place where you can expand your talent as well as develop new skills. Many of these sites focus on the beginners which are passionate about leaning different genre of music and may trick them into buying the lessons with lucrative heading like "Online Jazz Piano Lessons" or "Online Classical Piano Lessons".


    But if you into something serious, then you should always choose the lessons based on musical qualifications of the teacher and his years of experience in the same field. Do thorough research on person's skill by listening to their music works and reading the reviews of people who have already taken the course. By following these basic steps you can easily save yourself from bogus websites which aim at making money without providing you with genuine stuff.

    Sign Up For Free Lessons

    After you have found a trusted website, the next step is to enroll yourself for the free online lessons. You can even download a software which offers high quality lessons without charging you with anything. 


    You can register yourself on Rocket Piano through your email address which is an outstanding place to learn and grow as an artist. It has a wide variety of genre ranging from online jazz piano lessons to classical ones. It is beautifully designed and constructed with help of detailed books, audio clips from professionals and video links to each lesson. 


    Most of the sites will send you around 6-7 lessons during the first week which aims at developing the basic skills and will give you an idea about the various notes and chords.

    Download Free Lessons

    After learning the basics of piano, most of the sites will ask you to register for their membership. The membership cost is often between $20-$50 which will give you an access to all the melodies, audios and detailed videos to move ahead.


    Before buying the entire program you should look for sites which offer freebies like perfect pitch pro, auto tuners and recording software which will help you in analyzing the sound quality of your work. You can also subscribe to various artists who offer free live lessons on YouTube which can prove to be a great source of knowledge for all budding artists.


    Almost anyone ranging from a young kid to an old man can learn these online piano lessons to play various melodies, rhymes, songs and even gospels. All you need is determination and a bit of hard work to make your dreams come true.

  • Classical Piano Lessons

    The benefit of online classes for classical piano is that there are many resources to choose from for any budget. This makes any learning experience ta highly exciting one as it is possible for any person to narrow down their particular of piano playing.


    Unlike the physical piano schools, the advantage that online classical piano lessons offer is that they can draw in many people having similar interests into one huge platform. Sharing of any piano- related stuff becomes highly rewarding and this adds more to the learning experience. The unique community brings in people with different piano skills and creates a way to pinpoint any aspect that might be missing to have full mastery of any classical piano training.


    Proper time scheduling is very essential for highly effective mastery of any piano skills. The physical training sessions or classrooms may not actually favor those who may be under strict timing but at the same time would love to sharpen their classical piano playing skills to a whole new and interesting level.


    However, with online classical piano lessons things are very different as the timing is very relaxed and this enables for participation when a person is only willing and fully prepared. This way, any learning procedure of how to classically play piano becomes highly enjoyable and with art we always know one thing – a relaxed and highly enjoyable environment does lead to even more perfect skills mastery.

    There may be constraints that may limit some people from owning physical pianos. However this doesn't imply that online piano learning gets to be limited to just a few persons who can lay their hands on the actual musical instruments. The fact is that any online classical piano lessons are always accompanied by highly simulated software which mimics all the aspects expected while playing piano in real life situations. 


    This implies that the skills set obtained from online piano lessons are highly optimized and an individual will only be required to have even less immersion time so as to fully reach the master playing level. The meaning we can accrue from this is that anybody having interest on how to play piano is open to the many options which are available out there.


    One aspect which is really unique about the online classical piano lessons is that all the learning aspects are coordinated by highly experienced music professionals and this implies that quality is that something that arrives at really cheap cost. Besides this, the good thing is that the skills learnt are very real as they ensure that handling of piano in the real life musical setting gets to be very simple. 


    Again, if we consider aspects like learning costs we find that online classical piano lessons do give many people a highly viable option. It is obvious that the dedicated physical schools will charge significantly high fees while at the same time offer a limit to the time which their piano instruments can be available for access.

  • 5 Quick Tips on Reading Sheet Music

      Piano Notes

      The piano notes are named after the initial 7 letters of the letters in order - A B C D E F G. 

      The white notes ascend the piano, one after each other, in sequential order request. In piano sheet music, they do precisely the same. 


      On the off chance that you composed the notes A B C D E F G in sheet music they would show up as a corner to corner climbing line.

      Find Middle C on Piano


      As the name implies, Middle C is found in the middle of the keyboard. It is also in the middle of the right & left hand staffs.

      • Position yourself in the middle of your piano or keyboard.
      • The middle C should be the closest C in the middle of the keyboard.

      Space Notes on the Piano

      If you play 2 space notes on the piano, you would miss a white note every time. In the event that you play 2 line notes on the piano, you would likewise miss a white note every time.

      Treble Clef vs Bass Clef

      In the treble clef for the 5 line notes says: "Each Great Bands Deserves Fame"

      The bass clef for the 5 line notes say: "Incredible Bands Deserve Fame Always"

      Music Staff for Piano Playing

      Both music staffs have 5 lines and 4 spaces between.

      • In the treble clef, the 4 space notes spell FACE.
      • In the bass clef, the last 3 space notes spell ACE.
    • Learn To Play Tabs on Piano

      Tablature or tab for short, is a written form of music usually associated with stringed instruments and in particular, guitar and banjo. They are frequently utilized by beginners as a part of alternative music, and has picked up prevalence since it is likewise simple to share it over the Internet.


      There is a similar form of piano tablature that uses numbers and symbols to help pianists with no skills to be able to play a song by playing music. Although piano tablature is less popular than the guitar counterparts, mainly due to the fact that some novice piano players find it easier to understand traditional music than to play piano tabs, it can still be fun and easy for everyone.


      Different authors use different conventions, but these basics should be enough to allow you to play piano tabs.

      Here are the Tab Instructions:

      Look at the four horizontal lines of the piano tab. Each of these lines include vertical lines separating the song in measures of music. Each measure will contain letters and symbols to indicate the notes you should play. Piano tabs do not provide much information about the rhythm of a song or how many sustained notes need to be played each time, so it is best if you are familiar with a song before you venture into playing it.


      Look for the numbers along the left side of the horizontal lines. These numbers will range from 1 to 7. The number beside each line indicates the octave you play with the notes on the corresponding line. When you come across such new numbers on this line, you can switch back to the octave again. The first represents the lower octave.


      Play the notes you encounter in the order that you encounter them. Lowercase letters stand for regular notes (white keys), while capital letters represent sharp notes (black keys). For example, a C directs to the black keys to the right of the tabs.


      Keep track of your schedule by following the line. Four equidistant numbers (1-4) equal a black bat, while numbers without spaces equal the eighth indictment. If you encounter a unique number or two numbers with two spaces between them, these equal a whole note and a half-note respectively.

      Some Useful Tips on the Piano

      Play slowly at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll naturally be able to speed up.

      Learn to read music. It can give you a more rounded outlook. No matter how well they’re written, piano tabs can never replace notes when it comes to quality.


      While you learn a song that requires the use of both your hands, learn one hand at a time. The right hand is usually used to play the more challenging parts of a song. Start with your left hand, and then move on to your right hand.

    • Piano Fun Facts

      Bet you didn't know that

      7500 working parts to piano

      Piano is considered a member of percussion family

      Piano is a nickname for pianoforte

      Italian name for ability to play quietly or loudly

      First piano constructed in 1698

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